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TryTrivia.com is working to be the # 1 Online Free Play Trivia Game. Its managing partners have been developing trivia games for over nine years, initially through a joint venture with the NY Post and more recently via partnerships in trivia gaming with ESPN and The Sporting News.

The popularity of trivia-based games is clearly demonstrated every day on TV as programs such as "Jeopardy" and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" continue to attract large audiences. TryTrivia extends this appeal in an exciting, interactive sports trivia game.

TryTrivia is the only game on the internet that pays cash prizes, every day, for a player's knowledge of baseball, basketball, and football. Each of these sports boasts a long and rich history of records and statistics, plus a broad base of "expert" fans. TryTrivia leverages these advantages in the first free-to-play interactive trivia game where players can win money and prizes directly for their skills. In this game, players answer a few sports trivia questions and have several ways to win cash prizes.

Our Instant Shootout, played every half hour, lets you know whether you win within two minutes. All games are absolutely FREE to play, with hundreds of cash prizes distributed daily. And by referring friends, you can accumulate Trivia Points and win an equal amount of cash in our nightly Primetime Hot Streak.

TryTrivia is an entertaining game of skill that is available free for everyone over 18. Fans can win big cash prizes for their sports knowledge. We know that sports fans are passionate and love to show how much they know. Let's face it - virtually all sports fans think they are experts on the sports they love. TryTrivia gives them an opportunity to cash in on that expertise.

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